Orlando Pagan Pride 2021

Dear Orlando Pagan Pride Community,

It is with deep sadness we are announcing that an in person festival will not take place this year. Much like last year, the concerns regarding covid-19 have created roadblocks we have not been able to overcome.

It is our mission to provide a completely free event, open to any and all who wish to attend. We want people to come for fun, learning, and fellowship. If we were to have held an event this year, that would not have been the case. We would have been bound to strict limitations by the event grounds on the activities and number of attendees.

We were not going to limit attendance. This event is for everyone.

We searched diligently for a site who could and would be willing to accommodate us, but were unsuccessful.

We have faith that next year will be different; that the next Orlando Pagan Pride Day will be the best one yet!

Until then, we hope you all stay well. We miss you and can’t wait to see everyone again in person. Please continue to support our local pagan organizations, our local covens, and our local merchants who provide central Florida with some of the most amazing bits and bobs around!

Stay well, and blessed be.
The Orlando Pagan Pride Day Team

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